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Diplomarbeiten, Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten

Sie suchen gerade eine Diplomarbeit, ein Thema für eine Bachelor oder Master Thesis? Dann sind Sie hier richtig. In diesem Bereich sind Abschlussarbeiten aus allen Fakultäten zu finden.
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Master's Thesis - Electrostatic Positron Beam Guiding

The mono-energetic positron beam at TUM allows state-of-the-art depth dependent measurements of open void defects and chemical composition by measuring the Doppler broadening of the 511 keV annihilation line as well as investigation of the formation of positronium. In the current experimental setup, magnetic fields guide the positron beam and an increase in the field strength provides focusing onto a sample surface. However, the presence of a magnetic field at the sample location is not necessarily desirable, since it can limit the sample geometry and material. Furthermore, in cases where positronium is studied, the magnetic field can complicate data analysis since it can suppress positronium formation. To address this issue, this project will replace the existing magnetic focusing with an electrostatic focusing system. The work will involve design and simulation of a new electrostatic lens and magnetic field termination and will include initial experimental benchmarking of the constructed setup. The project is carried out within the TUM research group Physics with Positrons.
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Kontakt: daniel.russell@frm2.tum.de

Bachelor-/ Master-/ Semesterarbeit:Microbial Process Intensification/Enzyme Immobilization

In this research project, genetically optimized E. coli strains expressing different extracellular high-value proteins will be used to establish different concepts of process intensification. Process intensification in the biopharmaceutical industry aims for the improvement of productivity and flexibility while simultaneously decreasing cost and process footprint. This can be realized through establishing and applying innovative equipment, methods, and modes during the development of integrated upstream and downstream processes.
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Kontakt: j.galbusera@tum.de

IDP/Theses for WS23/24: Leveraging Generative AI Chatbots in VR Museums for Enhanced Educational Experiences

Generative AI (GenAI) has gained immense popularity, particularly for its applications in education. Within the virtual reality (VR) realm, where interactive environments are pivotal, GenAI, especially Large Language Models (LLMs), offers promising potential to enrich user experiences. An exemplary use case is the creation of immersive VR museums, where LLM-based chatbots serve as interactive guides. This project aims to propose, develop, and assess an immersive VR museum enhanced with LLM-based chatbots. In addition, the effects of animated avatars (museum guide) on user experience will be explored. Prerequisites: Unity/Unreal Engine C# Python Machine learning
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Kontakt: hong.gao@tum.de

Master / Bachelor Thesis: Control Strategy for Energy Management Systems for Commercial electrical Energy Systems

In this thesis, it is investigated how an energy management system should be structured so that it can serve different use cases simultaneously or consecutively.
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Kontakt: a.hirnet@sonnen.de

Master thesis: Robust Mechanism Design

The traditional approach on mechanism design is to assume that all uncertanity can be modelled by a probabilistic belief, which is common knowledge to all participants. We relax this assumption and look for a mechanism which performs well under ambiguity.
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Kontakt: halil.bayrak@tum.de

Master thesis: Implementation of Quantum Control Algorithms for Applications in Biomedical Spectroscopy and Quantum Computing

Implementation of Quantum Control Algorithms in C++ for Applications in Biomedical Spectroscopy and Quantum Computing
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Kontakt: sam.asami@tum.de

Master Thesis: Robot DH Parameters Calibration

At the institute for Robotics and System Intelligence of TUM a safety lab is built where the human physical interaction is the main focus. Moreover, several algorithms are built to test and improve robots (of different types) accuracy and repeatability.

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Kontakt: ali.baradaran@tum.de

Embedded System für Robot Vision Anwendungen (BA/MA)

In dieser Arbeit soll ein Embedded Vision System für Robotikanwendungen aufgebaut werden. Dabei kommt eine kompakte und leistungsfähige 3D Kamera sowie ein Embedded Board mit GPU zum Einsatz. Nach Aufbau und Einarbeitung in das System sollen Vision-Algorithmen für die GPU angepasst, entwickelt und auf dem Board implementiert werden. Dabei geht es vorrangig um Verfahren zum Tracking und zur Lageschätzung (6D Pose estimation).
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Kontakt: jobs@visevi.com

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