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Diplomarbeiten, Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten

Sie suchen gerade eine Diplomarbeit, ein Thema für eine Bachelor oder Master Thesis? Dann sind Sie hier richtig. In diesem Bereich sind Abschlussarbeiten aus allen Fakultäten zu finden.
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FP/MA: Instrument development of NO2 based on CAPS (Cavity Attenuated Phase Shift spectroscopy) technology

The Professorship of Environmental Sensing and Modeling offers a master thesis in developing simple instrumentation measuring nitrogen dioxide using a state-of-art technique CAPS. This thesis also collaborates with Prof. Frank Keutsch from Harvard University.
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Kontakt: xiao.bi@tum.de

Master thesis: Comparative analysis of surface and column data for constraining urban greenhouse gases emissions

Abstract: In recent years, the increase in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions has had a significant effect on climate change, as shown, for instance, in the prevalence of extreme weather worldwide. Urban areas represent the majority of anthropogenic GHG emissions. Thus, an accurate assessment of GHG emissions in urban areas is of great importance. In this thesis, we are going to conduct a comparative analysis of surface and column observation data for constraining the urban-scale CO2 flux.
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Kontakt: jun2019.zhang@tum.de

Bachelor's Thesis

Nano- and Microrobotics Lab is looking for bachelor's students to work on the ongoing project about microfluidic cell encapsulation and model drug release for 3D cell culture and differentiation. Currently, we focus on microgel characterization and controlled drug release from bulk gels and microgels with nanoactuators. We are using alginate as the material, and combining this natural biopolymer with some synthetic nanoactuators to have control over the release behavior. All the engineering students with some basic knowledge of materials or biological sciences are welcome to join!
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Kontakt: nergis.iyisan@tum.de

Master Thesis: Augmented Reality Development using Microsoft Hololens 2 for the Web of Things

Are you looking for a Master Thesis where you get to contribute to the exciting notion of the industrial metaverse? Are you interested in augmented/virtual reality applications and have experience developing them? Would you like an opportunity to get to work with a Microsoft HoloLens 2 and develop applications based on the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web of Things standard?. Then you are the right person for this Thesis!

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Kontakt: fady.salama@tum.de

Master Thesis: Deep Learning for Wear Particle Analysis Based on Microscopy Imaging Data

Abstract: The generation of wear particles is one of the major reasons for revision of a total joint prosthesis. The reaction of the human body on wear debris highly depends on the size and shape of the particles generated. It is therefore of crucial importance to characterize those parameters in pre-clinical testing. Currently, the identification of wear particles is based on image analysis software which results in a high rate of wrong detections. As a result, the images and their resulting data need to be reinvestigated manually. The hypothesis of the study is that AI is capable to generate a lower failure rate as well as to distinguish more precisely between particles and their agglomerates. Over the last decades, Endolab GmbH has collected a large pool of image analysis data that can be used to train AI models. This dataset can be regarded as unique worldwide and shall be processed by state-of-the-art methodology to allow for better pre-clinical testing.
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Kontakt: florian.hinterwimmer@tum.de, Christian.Kaddick@endolab.de

Master Thesis: Graph Neural Networks for Deep Behavior Prediction in Traffic Scenes

In this thesis, we aim to develop a GNN-based behavior prediction module. By representing the surrounding environment in a graph-structured fashion, we hope to achieve better generalization abilities than what can be achieved through a hand-engineered feature vector. Read more at https://www.ce.cit.tum.de/fileadmin/w00cgn/air/Personal_Files/EivindMeyer/MA_proposal_GNN_Traffic_Rules__1_.pdf
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Kontakt: eivind.meyer@tum.de

9 EUR-Ticket study at TUM: Student theses available

Write your thesis with us on a topic in the field of social sciences or economics.
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Kontakt: mobilitaet.leben.vtk@ed.tum.de

MA - Synthetische Datengenerierung für den Einsatz in KI-basierten Identifikationssysteme

Im Rahmen der Entwicklung neuer, kamerabasierter Identifikationsmethoden für die Logistik soll in der Masterarbeit untersucht werden, in wie weit sich die Erzeugung von synthetischen Datensätzen mittels Render-Engines, wie Blender eignen, um damit auf Logisitk spezialisierte Neuronale Netze zu trainieren. Insbesondere die Diskrepanz zwischen realen und synthetischen Bildern sowie die Auswirkung auf die Qualität der Neuronalen Netzen steht hier im Vordergrund (Synth2Real-Gap).
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Kontakt: dimitrij-marian.holm@tum.de

Masterarbeit: Akzeptanz der routinemäßigen Erhebung von PROM-Daten bei Patienten vor totaler Knie- oder Hüftendoprothese

Wir suchen eine/n Master-Studierende/n zur Bearbeitung einer Abschlussarbeit zum Thema: Akzeptanz der routinemäßigen Erhebung von PROM-Daten bei Patienten vor totaler Knie- oder Hüftendoprothese
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Kontakt: saskia.kropp@tum.de

Master thesis: Machine Learning for Power Market Analysis at the Center for Energy Markets

Decarbonizing the power sector is crucial in meeting the net-zero carbon emission targets. Increased shares of renewables in the power system continue to change the dynamics of the energy markets and add further complexity to the system. With the help of Machine Learning techniques, energy economists are able to uncover and better understand the power market behavior.
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Kontakt: shiva.madadkhani@tum.de

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