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Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich

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Master's thesis in SAEV Fleet Management

18.07.2022, Diplomarbeiten, Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten

Looking for Master's theses students interested in Urban Mobility Simulations

We are a group of researchers studying fleet management for cargo deliveries. The project is called CiLoCharging and it is a collaboration with DHL, Siemens and STTech. The goal of the project is to study fleet operation using a microscopic traffic simulation software called CityMoS. For more details about CityMoS, please visit https://www.citymos.net/

The team is working on the following problems -
- Delivery assignment for the fleet vehicles
- Charging management of the depots
- Evaluation of V2G
- AMoD studies
- Digital Privacy in smart cities
- Simulation of V2X applications

Our research interests are in the topics -
- Application of Game Theory in Digital Privacy
- Urban mobility simulations
- Fleet management
- Discrete Optimization
- AI in mobility

We have Master's theses positions available in the team. If you have any ideas in the intersection of the above topics, feel free to contact the team.

Kontakt: muhammad.sajid.ali@tum.de, freddy.pringle@tum.de, nagacharan.tangirala@tum.de