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Self-Driving Cars, Aerospace, highly automated Fintech

Startup Founder Master Thesis - AI Test Synthesis

13.01.2022, Diplomarbeiten, Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten

Master thesis with startup founder opportunity, researching sophisticated AI-based complexity reduction methods for advanced autonomous systems development.

Autonomous systems include some of the most exiciting, promising technologies of the next decades. Among them are self-driving cars, air taxis, space vehicles and highly automated fintech applications.

A lot of progress has been made in each of the mentioned domains, but key challenges still remain and make development slow and frustrating for many developers.

The development of highly reliable software is very complex and time consuming, because a ton of effort and a lot of skill is needed to guarantee compliance with safety and security requirements according to the current state of the art and required standards.

These partially artificial complexities are expected to increase over the next decade, leading to even higher efforts. At the same time global development speeds are increasing, forcing an improvement of tools and processes to deal with these development challenges.

We should research and develop ways to use the recent breakthroughs in AI, computer science and engineering to make development of safety and security critical systems simple, faster and reliable. The according outcomes would be welcomed by developers world wide.

The research focus of this thesis is the automated AI support and test synthesis for safety and secrurity relevant software code.

In case of strong performance and motivation, funding, ressources and a strong network for an according startup or development positions can be made available to take the ideas to the next level after the thesis.

If you are interested, please contact gereon.hinz@tum.de.

Kontakt: gereon.hinz@tum.de