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Digitialization and data analytics as enabling factors for sustainable manufacturing systems (Bachelor-/Master thesis)

03.01.2022, Diplomarbeiten, Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten

Semester/bachelor/master thesis in the field of sustainable production

Initial situation

As sustainability is gradually establishing itself as a key factor, along with cost, flexibility, quality and time, it has become imperative to integrate sound sustainability practices into manufacturing systems. The integration of sustainable processes and the measurement of sustainability in the existing production environment poses new challenges for companies in the area of process and data analysis, as well as process design. In parallel, the (analytical) possibilities within an increasingly networked production are developing rapidly due to new technologies. Up to now, it has not been systematically assessed how the capabilities of the increasingly networked production can be used to make production more sustainable.


The objective of this thesis is to highlight the current state of research, the identification of a research gap and the creation of value for industrial production.

The following focal points can be set:

  • Potential analysis of digitalization as an enabler for sustainable production and the identification of interfaces between both topics
  • Evaluation of suitable data and methods of data analysis (AI, ML, data mining, etc.) for the sustainable design of manufacturing systems.
  • Development of a methodology for the holistic assessment of the degree of sustainability of the manufacturing (processes) for the derivation of measures

Requirements profile
  • Interest in topics of production, sustainability and digitalization
  • IT affinity and possibly interest in programming activities (Python)
  • Independent, determined and structured way of working
  • Very good knowledge of English

Kontakt: patrick.jordan@iwb.tum.de