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Mater Thesis: Formal description of AMC-related processes

14.07.2021, Diplomarbeiten, Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten

The Chair of Architectural Informatics offers a master thesis for a motivated student who is familiar with Additive Manufacturing (in Construction), process modeling and Semantic Web languages. The student will be asked to formalize the production chain of AMC with necessary information for the future decision support.

Additive Manufacturing in Construction (AMC) envisions an alternative of predominately manual construction and machine-assisted subtractive fabrication. The C04 research team, as part of the trans-regional project TRR277 (financed by DFG), aims to establish an advanced design decision support system for integrating digital design and AMC, considering multiple design criteria during early design phases.

Your Task:

  • Review the academic and industrial implementations relating to AMC
  • Model different off-site AM processes with essential details
  • Extended description of the whole production chain
  • Further formalize the modeled processes using Semantic Web technologies
  • (Optional) Integrate the knowledge base into a decision-making system


  • Fundamentals of modeling languages such as UML, BPMN, etc.
  • Practice of Semantic Web technologies
  • Familiar with AMC
  • Programming skills (C#/Java/Python)

More details:https://www.ar.tum.de/ai/forschung/building-information-modeling/tranregio-amc/c04/

Kontakt: chao1.li@tum.de

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