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Potential Bachelor or Master thesis in Plant-Insect-Interactions

20.10.2020, Diplomarbeiten, Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten

Interested in a Bachelor or Master project in pollinator ecology, chemical ecology, nutritional ecology or behavioral ecology? Our team at the Professorship for Plant-Insect-Interactions would be happy to supervise your thesis.

Potential topics are:

1. Bachelor & Master projects in bee sensory ecology (Behavioral, analytical and neurobiological methods), e.g.:

• Which substances in pollen odor elicit a proboscis extension response (PER) in honey bees?

• Which nutritional receptors do bees have?

• Which nutrients can be perceived by different species of bumble bees?

2. Bachelor & Master projects in pollination ecology (Field work, lab work, analytical methods), e.g.:

• Pollinator-plant-interactions in alpine regions

• Which impact do environmental factors have on the nutritional composition of pollen and nectar?

• Determining the effect on bees visitation patterns by examining nutritional profiles of pollen and nectar of specific plants visited by bees in the previous year

3. Bachelor & Master projects in bee nutritional ecology (Behavioral, analytical and ecological methods), e.g.:

• Which fatty acids are detrimental to bumble bees?

• Which impact do plant secondary metabolites have on plant-insect-interactions, can they be perceived by bees?

• Can species-specific nutritional niches explain why bees are prone to land use change?

4. Bachelor & Master projects in intraspecific behavior (Analytical and neurobiological methods), e.g.:

• To which components of nest/bumble bee odors do bumble bee antennae react?

You can also propose your own topics anytime! Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your topic with you!

If you are interested or have any further questions, please contact us via e-mail:
Fabian Rüdenauer: fabian.ruedenauer@tum.de
Sara Leonhardt: leonhardt@wzw.tum.de

Kontakt: fabian.ruedenauer@tum.de

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