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Student Thesis & Internships at Hospital on Mobile (Extern)

13.10.2020, Diplomarbeiten, Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten

Do you want to do your thesis with Stanford professors and work with Apple Siri’s founder Dr. Tom Gruber?

Hospital on Mobile is a Silicon Valley-based Startup in California. Our vision is to make predictive and personalized healthcare accessible to every individual. We use smartphones and embedded sensors to monitor users’ behavioral, environmental, fitness, and health data. We collaborate our research with the world’s leading universities, including Stanford, Harvard, Oxford, and MIT. Achieving such a big vision also requires high-caliber expert support such as worldwide renowned German AI engineer and Chief Scientist of Salesforce Dr. Richard Socher, as well as Siri’s former founder Chief Technology Officer Dr. Tom Gruber, which are just two of them.

We are especially specialized in vital signs monitoring, like heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, and blood pressure monitoring through smartphone sensors. Our technology uses computer vision, deep learning and signal processing. The pain attack or cycle of a disease can be predicted and treated personalized at an early stage. Our mission is to make it accessible and affordable (even free to everyone) regardless of somebody’s wealth status. Therefore, we decided to use smartphones, compared to smartwatches or other smart wearables, as they are widely used, even the most remote place in the world. Also, this solution does not need additional devices and break the flow of people’s daily life. With the world’s top universities, we are in the process of running multiple clinical studies for neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson and Alzheimer; mental health problems like anxiety and depression; migraine; infectious diseases including COVID.

If you want to create huge impact, to help people not only in your country but even in deep Africa, and to work with world’s leading universities like Stanford alongside top scientists, we are looking for you. Don’t be shy, shoot us an email with your CV and a short paragraph about yourself!

http://www.hospitalonmobile.com http://www.migraine.ai http://www.virologic.io
684 Roble Avenue, Menlo Park, CA, USA

Experience with python
Very good to excellent knowledge in signal processing, image-/video processing
Good to very good knowledge in linear algebra
Logic and Algorithms
Very high motivation and commitment
Motivation to learn necessary skills and yield a successful work

Optional/Preferred Prerequisites:
Knowledge in machine learning
Knowledge in computer vision
Knowledge in NLP
Probability Theory
Good to very good knowledge in linear algebra
Experience in C/C++
Background in iOS/Android programmings
Experience in visual computing and communication
Experience in electronics, hardware, and firmware programming

What we offer:
Cutting-edge topics; work that creates impact
Highly motivated team with weekly group meetings
Work with top engineers and scientists worldwide
Remote work

Diese Arbeit als PDF öffnen.

Kontakt: tamaykut@hospitalonmobile.com

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