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Master Thesis: Collision Analysis and Safe Control in Human-Robot Interaction

18.12.2018, Abschlussarbeiten, Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten

Currently, increasing effort is taken in the robotics community to understand injury mechanisms during physical human-robot interaction (pHRI). This is motivated by the fact that human and robot will work intensively and closely together, and therefore, one has to be aware of the potential threats in case such close cooperation takes place and take appropriate countermeasures to ensure human safety via planning and/or control. In the context of safety in pHRI, possible topics that can be addressed in the thesis/internship are:

- Design and analysis of collision experiments and/or testing devices
- Development and verification of collision simulations
- Survey of biomechanics and forensics literature
- Development of robot motion planning and/or control schemes for ensuring human safety


- Studies in Mechanics, Mechatronics, Electronics, Computer Science
- Knowledge in robotics & control (for topics on planning & control)
- Matlab/Simulink
- Good C++ programming skills
- Working knowledge in ROS
- Ability to work well-structured and organized

Kontakt: mazin.hamad@tum.de