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Master's Thesis at the Chair of Carbon Composites

Automated Fiber Placement

09.10.2018, Abschlussarbeiten, Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten

Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) is a fully-automated manufacturing process for composite parts. A robot guided placement head lays up pre-impregnated (prepreg) tapes of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) material onto a three-dimensional tool surface. During manufacturing a defined degree of compaction has to be achieved before the autoclave curing in order to minimize voids and fiber misalignments. This compaction is realized by the pressure applied during AFP lay-up and by additional vacuum debulking steps. Especially vacuum debulking is a time consuming ancillary process with potential for optimization.

The goal of this thesis is to analyze the influence of different process parameters on the compaction during AFP lay-up and vacuum debulking. Lay-up trials with systematic variations of AFP and debulking parameters, lay-up designs, and geometries shall be performed. The influences shall be evaluated comparing changes in laminate thickness via 3D-scans, void content via chemical dissolution and fiber waviness via microscopy.

Research focus of the thesis:
- Literature research on compaction behavior of composite materials
- Design and implementation of lay-up experiments
- Systematic evaluation of changes in laminate thickness, void content and fiber waviness
- Documentation and presentation in English

- Basic knowledge in composite materials
- Interest in experimental work
- Self-initiative, motivation and structured work
- Support of a publication of the results

[1] Engelhardt R., Brath K., Ebel C., Drechsler K.: Analysis of the Influence of Automated Fiber Placement and Vacuum Debulking on
Thermoset Prepreg Compaction, The 29th Annual International SICOMP Conference on Manufacturing and Design of Composites
(2018), Lulea, Sweden, available at https://www.swerea.se/sites/default/files/14_sicomp_engelhardt_ts-afp_compaction_0.pdf.

Kontakt: engelhardt@lcc.mw.tum.de

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123 Experimental Analysis of the Compaction Behavior during TS-AFP on Complex Geometries, (Type: application/pdf, Größe: 150.0 kB) Datei speichern

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