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Bachelor / Master Thesis: CFD simulation of particulate-liquid food mixtures in horizontal tube flow

13.09.2018, Diplomarbeiten, Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten

Multiphase model approach will be implemented to investigate the flow behaviour of liquid food containing coarse fruit pieces.

Solid–liquid flow is encountered in a wide variety of industrial situations from processing of food and pharmaceutical products, through chemicals, oil and mining to the transportation of effluent and waste products. The flow behaviour of this complex mixture is governed by several variables for instance the properties of the solid and the carrier liquid and the operating conditions. In food industry, this type of flow usually occurs in a heat exchanger system from continous thermal processing of liquid food containing coarse fruit pieces. Usually the solid particles are irregular and non-spherical, where their size can be up to 5 mm. The knowledge of the distribution of the liquid and particle velocities is essential for sound process design.
Apart from experiments, CFD simulation can be usefull tool for better understanding of the behaviour of this two phases flow. The Eulerian-Eulerian multiphase model approach can be used in this case. This model treats both liquid and solid phases as continuous phases. The advantage of this approach is that full-scale process simulations with high solid concentration can be performed, since the computational effort is low.

In this work, the Eulerian-Eulerian two phases model in ANSYS FLUENT software will be used to study the conveying of peach particles in tube (refer to the description below). Firstly, suitable interaction parameters such as inter-phase drag coefficient and apparent viscosity have to be estimated. Then, CFD results of the flow field will be compare with experimental data obtained by Electrical Resistance Tomography.

Mohd Tarmizan Ibrahim
Chair of Process Systems Engineering
TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan
Tel: +49 8161 71-3788

Kontakt: mohd.tarmizan@tum.de

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