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The fruit salad is already gone: why is cut fruit so desirable?

Cut fruit is desirable

20.12.2017, Abschlussarbeiten, Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten

In recent years, the market of cut fruit has increased. Nowadays, almost every supermarket sells cut fruit. Although it is widely known that the ready cut fruit is rather unhealthy due to chemical solutions keeping them fresh (e.g., Rico, Martin-Diana, Barat, & Barry-Ryan, 2007), people still seem to buy these ready cut fruits. From a psychological perspective the question arises why people enjoy ready cut fruit over uncut fruit? Has it something to do with being reminded of one’s childhood when mum used to cut the fruit? Or is it pure convenience for people?

In this explorative study, students are expected to investigate whether people scientifically prefer food when cut by a significant other compared to cutting it themselves and what motivation might be behind this preference.


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