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Runtime Verification of Software Architectures

24.11.2017, Abschlussarbeiten, Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten

Runtime verification (RV) is a dynamic analysis method aiming at checking whether a run of the system under scrutiny satisfies a given correctness property. The inputs to a RV system are: (1) a system to be checked, and (2) a set of properties to be checked against the system execution. The properties can be expressed in a formal specification language (e.g., automata-based or logic-based formalism), or even as a program in a general-purpose programming lan-guage.


The main objective of this project is to apply runtime verification to check whether a given software system satisfies certain architectural constraints. Therefore, the following tasks have to be performed:
  1. Analyse the architecture of a given software system.
  2. Propose a set of architectural constraints the system should adhere to.
  3. Implement the corresponding checks.
  4. Verify whether the systems architecture adheres to the constraints.


We offer the possibility to perform the analysis on reals systems from our industry partners. Moreover, if desired, the student has the possibility to participate in a follow-up publication at a scientific venue.

Kontakt: diego.marmsoler@tum.de

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