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Position for TUM start-up “RAISE AGRICULTURE”

22.07.2021, Wissenschaftliches Personal

Position for TUM start-up “RAISE AGRICULTURE” Our TUM-based start-up RAISE AGRICULTURE is looking for a master's graduate who has an agricultural engineering background or similar. You will work together with the RAISE AGRICULTURE and TUM Precision Agriculture Lab to develop an agricultural drone servicing system. You will be awarded the EXIST Start-up Grant for one year. Your degree level determines your monthly stipend. The levels are as follows: Bachelors - 1800 EUR; Masters - 2500 EUR; Ph.D. - 2800 EUR. WHO WE ARE RAISE Agriculture is a TUM-based start-up, which collaborates with the TUM Precision Agriculture Lab (www.pa.wzw.tum.de) and is funded by the EXSIT Grant. RAISE Agriculture aims to create sustainable technological practices for farming using artificial intelligence and robotics. We design systems farmers can use regularly to improve their operations saving them time and costs while improving their crop yields. OUR PROJECT Teamed up with the TUM Precision Agriculture Lab and TUM Venture Labs, RAISE AGRICULTURE is currently developing an Autonomous Drone Servicing System (ADSS) for sugar beet and potato farmers. The ADSS is a collection of ground control stations set up throughout a farmer’s field, AI algorithms, drones, and crop databases. This system comes together to deliver an accurate health report to the farmer offering them actionable steps they can implement in their field the same day. YOUR REQUIREMENTS 1. We require you to have a Master’s degree, but a PhD is preferable. 2. Your focus should be on some aspect of agricultural engineering, agriculture science or related fields (Science: Biology, Computer Science, Data Science, Agricultural Economics etc.; Engineering: Mechanical, Electrical, Bionics, etc.) 3. Programming knowledge for AI, robotics, and drone development (Python, C#, C++) or the willing- ness to learn. 4. Familiar with agriculture (professional/personal experience) and must have the ability to communicate with German farmers. 5. Being available to work full-time together in our workspace at the TUM Weihenstephan Campus in Freising, Germany. 6. Available to start working with the team in September of 2021. 7. English (team language) and good German communication skills. YOUR ROLE You are somebody who can take initiative when given tasks, a team player with good communication skills, confident with public speaking, and offer valuable insights from an agricultural perspective as the project develops. Your role would consist of aiding the current team in developing the ADSS as either a technical or agricultural lead. You will be conducting research, helping to design the ADSS, aiding in disease/ pest identification, visiting farmers to present the product, helping to design, and aiding in building a startup. You also must be willing to help the other team members or learn new skills as the project progresses. If this has piqued your interest and you want to know more about the team, what we are trying to develop, your role, or EXIST please contact us immediately.

The position is suitable for disabled persons. Disabled applicants will be given preference in case of generally equivalent suitability, aptitude and professional performance.

Data Protection Information:
When you apply for a position with the Technical University of Munich (TUM), you are submitting personal information. With regard to personal information, please take note of the Datenschutzhinweise gemäß Art. 13 Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DSGVO) zur Erhebung und Verarbeitung von personenbezogenen Daten im Rahmen Ihrer Bewerbung. (data protection information on collecting and processing personal data contained in your application in accordance with Art. 13 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)). By submitting your application, you confirm that you have acknowledged the above data protection information of TUM.

Kontakt: Abir Bhattacharyya: abir.bhattacharyya22@gmail.com +49 1521 5749051 (Whatsapp/Telegram) James Specker: jamesdavidspecker@gmail.com +49 1578 7858267 (Whatsapp)