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HiWi- und Praktikantenstellen, Studienarbeiten

14.08.2010, Studentische Hilfskräfte, Praktikantenstellen, Studienarbeiten

Student-Project: Implementation and Test of a Cardiovascular Model with adequate reactions to medication

Patients in the intensive care, especially after cardiac surgery, need to be monitored all the time. To keep the patients in a stable state, a physician is taking the current physiological signals into account to prescribe certain medication combinations. Programmable syringe pumps are available for this purpose, which can run at different speeds and intervals to infuse different drugs to the patient. In a joint project of TU München and Deutsches Herzzentrum München, a Neuro-Fuzzy controller is developed to analyse the patient's signals (e.g. ECG, arterial pressure, heart rate) and status (e.g. age, preconditions, medical condition) automatically and trigger the syringe pumps accordingly.
Obviously a automated Neuro-Fuzzy controller has to be tested before hooking it up with a real patient in the intensive care unit. For this purpose animal experiments will be neccessary. But as the experiments never end well for the animals, it is desireable to have an alternative way of training and verifying the performance of the controller. A simulation of a cardiovascular system was tested in the veri cation of a controller used for automation of a heart-lung machine:physiome.org. It has to be tested, if this simulation can be extended to react upon drug infusion and different illnesses, or if a simpler model needs to be used to have an acceptable performance.


The student will be part of the interdisciplinary research team at the German Heart Centre in Munich. The goal of this project will be, to develop a simulation of a cardiovascular system, which can be used to test and train a hemodynamic controller. This will consist of the following tasks:
- Research in literature to nd out about past project in cardiovascular simulations
- Implement cardiovascular system (e.g. systemic, pulmonary circulation, barore ex)
- Enhance basic cardiovascular system with adequate reactions to different vasoactive drugs (e.g. dopamine, norepinephrine)
- Test and Veri cation of the Model (with data from literature or experiments)
- Document the implemented model and its usage

For more information about the Student Project "Implementation and Test of a Cardiovascular Model with adequate reactions to medication" click here

Kontakt: n.sprunk@tum.de

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