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Research Internship: Development of an android application (Kotlin) for measuring low-frequency sounds

14.06.2022, Studentische Hilfskräfte, Praktikantenstellen, Studienarbeiten

Background: Millions of people worldwide suffer from tinnitus. Some of them perceive low-frequency tones, and due to various reasons, many of them mistake their perception as an immission of an external sound source. Not only the presence of tinnitus but especially the desperate fight against a non-existent external cause can lead to severe social problems for the subjects affected, their families, friends, and communities. In particular regional authorities are flooded with complaints about low-frequency immissions provoking expensive technical investigations that rarely lead to success. Work plan: This research internship aims to develop an open-source android application (in Kotlin) that provides easy-to-use tools for distinguishing between external noise and tinnitus. This includes recording external sound, plotting spectrographs in real-time, tone generation, and calibration and tinnitus matching protocols. Some back-end features have already been implemented and can be reused. Working from home is possible. Prerequisites: Initial experience in developing android applications, ability to work independently Advisor and contact: Andrej Voss, M.Sc.; andrej.voss@tum.de; 089 289 10847 Supervisor: Prof. Dr-Ing. Werner Hemmert; Professorship of Bio-inspired Information Processing; Munich Institute of BioMedical Engineering MIBE

Kontakt: andrej.voss@tum.de