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Master Thesis: "Decentralized Multi-Objective Swarm Formation Control"

03.04.2021, Studentische Hilfskräfte, Praktikantenstellen, Studienarbeiten

The Communication System of DLR (Oberpfaffenhofen) is looking for a motivated Master student to work on the Master Thesis "Decentralized Multi-Objective Swarm Formation Control".

A swarm of autonomous rovers can rapidly explore a vast extraterrestrial area. Compared to a single rover, a swarm can make simultaneous observations at different locations and avoids a single point of failure, which leads to a paradigm shift in future space missions. The movement strategy of rovers, assigned to autonomous exploration missions, are constrained by multiple objectives. Of course, the high-level goal is to collect information about the environment to be explored. Besides, the swarm needs to estimate the locations of itself and numerous objects, without the support of an external navigation system like GNSS. Further, the rovers’ trajectories are constrained by terrain conditions. The swarm’s unique capability of formation optimization has to account for all these objectives (and more), in order to successfully accomplish the exploration mission.

Formation control of a large swarm remained an open problem due to its high degree of freedom. In this thesis a framework for multi-objective swarm formation control should be develop, implemented and tested in simulations. The resulting algorithm is preferably decentralized, scalable, robust, and with low complexity and high precision. To this end, modern methods from the field
of artificial intelligence may be applied.

Within this master thesis you are expected to contribute in:
▪ Survey on swarm formation algorithms and multi-objective optimization;
▪ Designing decentralized formation optimization algorithms, potentially with artificial intelligence (AI), to account for multiple
objectives in an exploration mission
▪ Algorithm Implementation and demonstration within our swarm ecosystem.

Your qualifications:
▪ Excellent knowledge of positioning/tracking algorithms and wireless communication systems;
▪ Excellent mathematics/signal-processing background;
▪ Excellent programming skills in Python or C++;
▪ Preferable experience with ROS and PyTorch
▪ Self-motivated working and a good working knowledge of English

For the more information, please see the attached flyer.

If you are interested in this position, please send an email to Dr. Zhang (siwei.zhang@dlr.de) and Dr. Wiedemann (thomas,wiedemann@dlr.de) including 1)CV, 2)cover letter, and 3) transcripts.

We are looking forward to having your application!

Kontakt: siwei.zhang@dlr.de;thomas,wiedemann@dlr.de

More Information

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