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Master Thesis: Collaborative Security: Utilizing Crowdsourcing to Strengthen Cybersecurity Infrastructures in Public Institutions

07.05.2024, Diplomarbeiten, Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten

Master's thesis at the KrcmarLab at TUM on the use of crowdsourcing to improve cybersecurity in the public sector.

The increasing digitalization of the public sector has led to an era with great potential for innovation and efficiency, but it also poses significant risks to cyber security. Governments and public institutions are regularly the target of cyberattacks aimed at stealing sensitive data or disrupting critical infrastructure. Conventional cyber security approaches often reach their limits in these highly complex and networked environments. This is due to various factors, including the complexity and dynamics of modern IT systems, the constant evolution of cyber threats, and the often limited resources of public institutions.

In this context, crowdsourcing is proving to be a promising approach to harnessing the collective intelligence and potential of a broad mass of individuals who do not necessarily work within the formal structures of the institutions concerned. Crowdsourcing can be used in the form of open competitions, bug bounty programs, or by involving the community in the detection and mitigation of security threats. This method makes it possible to mobilize a wide range of skills, perspectives, and knowledge to develop innovative solutions and improve the ability to respond to cyber threats.

In addition, the use of crowdsourcing in cybersecurity not only promotes the effectiveness of security measures but can also help raise awareness and educate the public about cybersecurity practices. Active community participation can raise awareness of cyber risks and promote a culture of security, which is essential for strengthening the resilience of public services to cyber attacks. However, despite the potential of crowdsourcing in cyber security, public bodies face challenges in implementing these approaches. These include, for example, legal, ethical, and data protection issues that need to be considered. The integration of crowdsourcing into existing security architectures is also often not trivial and requires careful planning and adaptation.

TASKS - Synthesis of the literature on crowdsourcing and cybersecurity in the public sector - Qualitative interviews to extend established approaches/models on crowdsourcing in cybersecurity within the public sector - Discussion of the results regarding current research - Active refinement and development of the research idea

REQUIREMENTS - A high degree of autonomy and individual responsibility - Interest in current topics of cybersecurity and digital government - Interest and experience in qualitative research - Very good grades and a good command of the English language are beneficial

FURTHER INFORMATION The topic can be adapted according to your interests. The thesis can be written in English or German. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me directly. Please send your application, including our application form, "Notenauszug" from TUMonline, and CV to lukas.dassler@tum.de Please note that we can only consider applications with complete documents.

Kontakt: lukas.dassler@tum.de

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