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Semester Thesis / Master Thesis

Sustainability Assessment Framework for Low-Carbon Aviation Fuels

01.04.2023, Diplomarbeiten, Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten

Sie suchen gerade eine Diplomarbeit, ein Thema für eine Bachelor oder Master Thesis? Join us at the Professorship of Sustainable Future Mobility in the Department of Aerospace and Geodesy (TUM Garching) and carry out your Master's Thesis in Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), Environmental sustainability, Energy conversion technologies, Exergy analysis, Techno-economic analysis, or Biofuels-BioBased economy.

The aviation industry's net-zero carbon emissions target (2050) is focused on delivering a maximum reduction in emissions. In this context, the SFM group is researching and developing technical and environmental analyses for sustainable aviation (SAF) fuel production.

This research aims to determine a methodological framework for environmental analysis of SAF pathways considering the European scenario based on the 2050 ICAO Vision for Sustainable Aviation Fuels.

Kontakt: pablo.silva@tum.de

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