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Technical University of Munich

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Bachelor-/ Master-/ Semesterarbeit:Microbial Process Intensification/Enzyme Immobilization

02.11.2023, Diplomarbeiten, Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten

In this research project, genetically optimized E. coli strains expressing different extracellular high-value proteins will be used to establish different concepts of process intensification. Process intensification in the biopharmaceutical industry aims for the improvement of productivity and flexibility while simultaneously decreasing cost and process footprint. This can be realized through establishing and applying innovative equipment, methods, and modes during the development of integrated upstream and downstream processes.

Possible topics for this work can be the intensification and comparison of different E. coli strains expressing an extracellular recombinant protein. Additionally, the influence of different additives on expression levels can be evaluated.
To design an integrated process, the immobilization of these proteins on magnetic nanoparticles from fermentation broth and its scale-up is of high interest.
In a different project dealing with enzyme immobilization, a thesis is also possible

Your Tasks:
Cultivation of E. coli in shake flasks and bioreactors
Analytics of cultivations
SDS Page
Process development
Immobilization of proteins to magnetic nanoparticles

Julian Galbusera

Kontakt: j.galbusera@tum.de