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PhD position for an organic chemist with an interest for drug discovery and proteomics

10.01.2022, Wissenschaftliches Personal

You will develop as a chemical biologist with this proteome-wide screening project. You will parallelise both the synthesis and target deconvolution of drug-like small molecules.

You will join the dynamic international group of chemical proteomics led by Dr. Guillaume Médard, embedded in the chair of proteomics and bioanalytics directed by Prof. Bernhard Küster, at the TUM School of Life Sciences (Freising campus).

Chemical proteomics has won its spurs as a prime technology to agnostically identify the biological targets of molecules. Such a target deconvolution approach allows to interrogate the binding of a molecule against a complete proteome, while mass-spectrometry based proteomics is used as readout to measure the engaged proteins. Affinity-based proteome profiling constitutes one of this very successful chemoproteomics method, where the molecule under scrutiny is immobilised onto a solid matrix to enrich its protein interactors (the so-called “pulldown”) which are then identified and quantified by LC-MS/MS.

In our group, we merge medicinal chemistry and affinity-based chemical proteomics to propose a molecule-centered, target-agnostic, drug discovery approach. The main modules of such a pipeline are:

  1. proteome-wide screening of small molecules,
  2. proteome-wide SAR study of pharmacophores,
  3. expeditious target deconvolution of natural compounds.
We thereby aim to discover new chemical probes that help annotate protein functions and/or validate proteins as therapeutic targets.

The proposed project is concerned with the development of proteome-wide screening i.e. an on-bead method that allows to parallelise both the synthesis and the target deconvolution steps, in order to screen hundreds of new molecules against a complete proteome.

You will develop as a chemical biologist by achieving:

  • solution synthesis of drug-like molecules,
  • on-bead immobilisation and derivatisation of small molecules,
  • cell culture and lysate preparation,
  • "pulldowns" followed by bottom-up proteomics readout,
  • medicinal chemistry and proteomics data analysis.

The PhD project can start immediately and is funded by the DFG with a 65% TV-L E13 salary.

Applications should include a motivational statement (max. one page), a curriculum vitae summarizing qualifications and experience, copies of degrees/university transcripts, title and abstract of masters thesis (and details of supervisor or other referee). Applications should be sent as a single PDF document.

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Kontakt: g.medard@tum.de

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