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Postdoc Position in Automated Crop Management

16.10.2020, Wissenschaftliches Personal

The new Chair for Digital Agriculture at the Technical University of Munich, Prof. Senthold Asseng is looking for an outstanding applicant for a Postdoc position in Automated Crop Management under his supervision.

About us
Located in the prosperous capital of Bavaria and home to over 39,000 students, the Technical University of Munich (TUM) is one of the world’s top universities (top 4 European technical universities in The World University Ranking, top 50 in Shanghai Ranking, top 10 in Global University Employability Ranking). It is committed to excellence in research and teaching, interdisciplinary education, and the active promotion of promising young scientists. TUM benefits from the healthy mix of companies and startups of all sizes headquartered in the region and is tightly connected to regional research hospitals. The university also forges strong links with companies and scientific institutions across the world.

Digital Agriculture at TUM is a Chair located at Weihenstephan. It focuses on interdisciplinary research linking crop production with artificial intelligence (AI) tools. A key initiative of Digital Agriculture is the development of a fully automated pilot field. On this pilot field, crop growth and development, main environmental factors of crop growth and development like light, temperature, humidity, water, nutrient conditions, pest and disease pressure, as well as losses of water and nutrients will be monitored (e.g. using remote sensing from satellites, microsensors, drone- and robot-collected information, including picture). Through optimization routines, monitoring data, weather and seasonal climate forecast, market projections, internet information (e.g. disease advice), simulation and statistical modeling and AI tools, the crop will be autonomously managed by robots and drones (e.g. through space-specific autonomous fertilization, weed and pest management). The goal will be to increase crop productivity with less inputs and minimal losses of nutrients and pesticides to the environment to create a more efficient and sustainable agriculture.

We are looking for an outstanding Postdoc to research on design, development and maintenance of a fully automated pilot field located in Weihenstephan. This Postdoc position will give you a unique opportunity to work on design and implementation of automated field-based crop production technology combined with artificial intelligence tools. Please consider applying if you have a strong background in crop physiology and can link crop production with AI tools.
We especially seek individuals who have experience and knowledge in the following areas:
• Crop physiology, biophysical understanding of crop-soil-atmosphere systems
• Practical experience in field crop production/experimentation
• Profound knowledge of AI tools, including robot/drone control, optimization, machine learning and simulation
• Experience in programming and handling robot/drone systems (e.g. lightweight industrial robots/drone or research systems)
• Experience with real-time software
• Experience in writing highly optimized and efficient software
• Excellent communication skills verbally and in scientific writing
• Independent, self-reliant working style
• Willingness and interest in learning about new and challenging topics
• Team player
• Basic knowledge of German

What we offer
• Stimulating, high-paced environment for cutting-edge research in field automatization, including crop physiology, crop production, remote sensing, robotics/drones, machine learning, and systems intelligence.
• Pleasant working conditions with interesting and challenging tasks in collaboration with a talented and interdisciplinary scientific and management team
• An exceptional opportunity to experience research in a highly inspiring international environment and to learn from some of the world's leading researchers.
• The opportunity to develop your professional research and leadership skills in a high-impact field with excellent career opportunities.

How to apply
The following documents are needed for applications:
• A motivation letter describing your research interests, your qualifications, and why you would be a suitable candidate
• A detailed CV
• Academic transcripts from your Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees
• Name, address and Email of at least two references

Interested applicants should send the necessary documents in 1 (!) PDF via email to:

Frau Claudia Luksch
quoting “Postdoc Position in Automated Crop Management
in the e-mail subject line.

The position will be filled as soon as possible and only shortlisted candidates will be notified. Preference will be given to applications received before 30 November, 2020.

TUM has been pursuing the strategic goal of substantially increasing the diversity of its staff. As an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer, TUM explicitly encourages nominations of and applications from women as well as from all others who would bring additional diversity dimensions to the university’s research and teaching strategies.Preference will be given to disabled candidates with equal qualifications. International candidates are highly encouraged to apply.

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Kontakt: c.luksch@wzw.tum.de