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PhD position

19.07.2013, Wissenschaftliches Personal

The chair of Robotic and Embedded Systems Group of the Computer Science department of TU Munich is offering a PhD position. The successful applicants will work in a high-profile research project funded by the German Federal Min-istry of Education and Research (BMBF). The players involved in the project are some of the most renowned technical universities in Germany and their Chinese counterparts.

The goal of this project is to develop innovative ideas for future electric vehicles for the automotive industry. The research interest within this context centers around novel concepts for hardware, software, and hardware/software co-design for future inner/inter-car ICT infrastructure, including but not limited to MPSOC-based ECUs, distributed control and battery management systems, formal verification, and model-based programming paradigm. Even though the scientific activities include a high degree of fundamental research, it involves regular contacts with renowned German automobile manufacturers as well as their partners in China.

The successful applicant will work within a research team (1 senior researcher and 5 PhD students) where he/she will develop new ideas, prototype the ideas on an FPGA-based Lego car, and disseminate the results to automotive industrial partners. Eligible candidates should have:
- Strong mathematics background
- Strong hand-on experience on hardware or software programming on GPU

Automotive background, knowledge of low-power design, real-time systems, and WCET analysis would be a plus. As the project includes regular contacts with big car manufacturers, the ideal candidate should feel comfortable in dealing with big industrial partners.

Mandatory Prerequisites:
- Master degree in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or similar
- German speaking

Starting date of the position: sofort

Please send your CV, motivation letter, and recommendation letters to: kai.huang@in.tum.de

Kontakt: kai.huang@in.tum.de

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