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Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich


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Research at Technische Universität München

Findings from Infinity - Origin and Structure of the Universe
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Indexing family firm stocks
with Prof. Kaserer (TUM Research Report)
Entrepreneurial Future
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Science meets Engineering
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The Technische Universität München is one of the most research-focussed universities in Germany and Europe. This claim is supported by relevant rankings, such as the DFG-Förderranking (DFG Funding Rankings) or the research rankings of the Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung (CHE – Center for Higher Education Development). TUM was one of three universities which were successful in obtaining funding in all three funding lines from the Excellence Initiative in 2006. Along with the IGSSE Graduate School and TUM’s participation in five Clusters of Excellence, of which TUM is the spokesperson, the strategic plan "TUM. The Entrepreneurial University” is also being developed. In addition, TUM takes part in 23 Collaborative Research Centres, of which TUM is the spokesperson in nine. In the seventh European Union Research Framework Program, TUM coordinates thus far nine projects and also received six Starting Independent Researcher Grant and five Advanced Investigator Grants.

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Top level research

TUM ForTe - Office for Research & Innovation

TUM features a strong, characteristic profile in the fields of Science and Engineering. Alongside the traditional key areas addressed by Technical Universities, powerful links have been also established with the Life Sciences, ranging from Nutrition and Food Sciences, Biotechnology and Bioinformatics to Medicine. Economics, Sports Science, and Educational Research round out TUM’s spectrum. These fields of study are unique in Europe and allow us to tackle complex research topics in an interdisciplinary way through exceptional methods.

Research Centers  

Through close collaboration with business and industry, TUM provided important contributions to Bavaria’s development from an agricultural land to a center of high-level technology. Even today, successful research collaborations with companies – among them Siemens, BMW, and Audi – contribute to expediting the transfer of knowledge and technology into the economy. More than 30 percent of TUM’s third party funding stems from third party sources such as these. Approximately 600 new research collaborations occur annually.

Research cooperations with industry  

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