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Finland Distinguished Professorship awarded to Prof. Ralf Metzler

Prof. Dr. Ralf Metzler

18.11.2010, News

A Finland Distinguished Professorship has been awarded to Ralf Metzler, biophysicist at the Technische Universitaet Muenchen. The Finland Distinguished Professor Program (FiDiPro), is a joint funding program run by the Academy of Finland and the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation Tekes. The program enables Finnish research groups to invite world-class international researchers to work in Finland for a period of two to five years.

Professor Ralf Metzler’s FiDiPro professorship supports the cooperation with Professor Ilpo Vattulainen at the Tampere University of Technology with almost one million euro over a period of five years. The funding enables them to establish a research group dedicated to the investigation of the dynamics and functions in living cells. These are characterized by an interior tightly packed with a multitude of large biopolymers. Under such conditions of molecular crowding new pictures for gene regulation, transport phenomena across membranes, and biomolecular complexes need to be developed. Ultimately the research will open up new vistas toward our understanding of cellular biochemistry, and impact on current views of important topics such as drug or gene delivery.

Kontakt: presse@tum.de

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