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Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich



Wednesday 25.01.2023, 13:13


Entrepreneurship Research Institute 

"THINK. MAKE. START." is a two-week, practice-oriented, interdisciplinary and competitive teaching format in which students from all faculties can participate (credits are given individually related to the study program). It is organised by the different chairs of TUM, TUM ForTe, and UnternehmerTUM. They get access to the high-tech workshop Makerspace and budget to transform their own ideas into real prototypes (mechatronic products). Learning outcomes are achieved through the following teaching and learning methods: - Milestones to be achieved, team roles to be held and predetermined course structure provide the roadmap for the project. - Coaching and teaching expertise in prototyping, business validation, agile development, design thinking, systems engineering, lean startup and user-centred design. - Teaching the basics of interdisciplinary collaboration through a role concept (Business Developer, Tech Developer, Problem Expert). - All participants work in interdisciplinary teams (10 teams of 5 students each) and are encouraged to become active themselves and learn through practical experience (hands-on learning). - Each team pursues a real business idea chosen for the seminar. Special attention is given to really understanding the customer and verifying the solution approach, through questioning, observation, prototyping or expert discussion. - Using prototyping to bridge the gap between thinking and doing. - Reflecting on one's own results and approach supports project decisions. - The teams present their projects to a jury on DemoDay and present the prototypically implemented product ideas to guests from industry, the start-up scene and research. For more information, visit www.tms.tum.de.


Julia Hinderink

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