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Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich


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Faszination Forschung Ausgabe 22



  • Editorial
    The key societal importance of the research university, as shaped by the famous education reformer Wilhelm von Humboldt at the start of the 19th century, can hardly be overstated. Equally important, however, is the evolution of this model toward the technical research university. These remarkable institutions are a German success story with international impact. A technical research university reaches beyond the academic to enable engineers and scientists to transform their ideas into useful, economically feasible products and innovative processes; even into new realities. As such, they have helped propel Germany to the ranks of the world’s technology leaders. This indeed is what the world knows as “German Engineering”.
  • Starting up

  • From Bright Idea to Business Venture
    How can heavy construction work be made less labor-­intensive? And how can the processing of ­tissue ­samples in histopathology labs be improved? With their business ideas, two startups are striving to answer these questions.
  • Medicine

  • Vaccine against Stomach Cancer
    Markus Gerhard discovered the mechanism by which the stomach bacterium Helicobacter pylori inhibits the human immune system. Now his company is developing possibly the first vaccine against Helicobacter.
  • Presidential Entrepreneurship Award

  • Presidential Entrepreneurship Award: Recognition and Inspiration
    The Presidential Entrepreneurship Award annually ­honors an outstanding spin-off with a largely research-based business idea. All the startups that have won this prize since 2013 are profiled in this edition. Each one has written its own success story.
  • Entrepreneurship Research

  • The Science of Creating Businesses
    What makes ongoing entrepreneurs successful? ­An interdisciplinary team of scholars at TUM’s Entrepreneurship Research Institute is determined to find out.
  • Powering Startups

  • Promoting a “Positive Culture of Failure”
    The best way for a university to support entrepreneurs in the digital age is to give them the space and the resources to experiment, agree Helmut Krcmar and Helmut Schönenberger.
  • Protein Engineering and Design

  • Small Molecules, Big Impact
    Arne Skerra constructs novel proteins for therapeutic purposes, industrial applications or as laboratory reagents. Twice he founded successful companies, a third is planned.
  • Eco-friendly Hydropower

  • A Feel for the Flow
    Albert Sepp and Peter Rutschmann have invented an eco-friendly hydropower plant that is concealed in a shaft in the riverbed. Their idea is now becoming reality.
  • Industrial Design

  • Need-based Innovation
    Fritz Frenkler brings budding designers together with young startups under the umbrella of the “Design ­Enterprise” program, aiming at developing technologies and products that are aligned with real needs.
  • Starting Up

  • Expanding Horizons with High Technology
    Here, we introduce three teams translating research findings into business ideas and embarking on their own ventures.
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  • Full PDF – Gesamte Ausgabe als PDF (33,4 MB)
    Faszination Forschung, Heft 22 (2018) / Faszination Forschung, Edition 22 (2018)

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