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Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich


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Faszination Forschung Ausgabe 21



  • Editorial
    2018 marks a very special anniversary for us here at TUM. 150 years ago, Ludwig II, King of Bavaria, founded our university. With gratitude, we remember all those people who have shaped TUM and enriched our society with their curiosity and inventive spirit over the years since 1868. What started out as a polytechnic school has grown into one of the world’s top-ranking universities.
  • Plant Immunity

  • How Plants Fight Back
    Stefanie Ranf has discovered a mechanism that helps plants detect disease-causing agents such as bacteria and defend themselves against them.
  • Renewable Energy Systems

  • Energy Transition – Efficiency Gains through Mathematics
    With the help of advanced mathematical methods, Christoph Hackl develops new control technology for electric vehicles and renewables, such as wind energy systems.
  • Machine Learning

  • Machine Learning
    How does machine learning work and what impact does it have in research? We explore the key points.
  • Remote Sensing

  • Watching Cities Grow
    Highly precise computational models of the world’s megacities could help to improve urban planning. Working towards this goal, Xiaoxiang Zhu is combining petabytes of earth observation satellite data and social media data for the first time.
  • Medical Imaging

  • Getting a Diagnosis from Pixels
    Bjoern Menze is training computer programs to “learn” how to detect brain tumors and propose individualized treatments.
  • Dermatology

  • The Right Treatment for Every Skin Type
    Stefanie and Kilian Eyerich want to understand how inflammatory skin diseases occur. Their goal is to find better treatments for individual skin complaints.
  • Materials Science

  • On the Trail of Tomorrow’s Semiconductors
    In the quest for new materials for photovoltaics and computing applications, Harald Oberhofer is developing computer models capable of analyzing just about every conceivable material.
  • Greenhouse Gas Monitoring

  • Carbon Detective
    Jia Chen is using new methods and a network of sensors to track greenhouse gases and air pollutants in an urban environment.
  • Molecular Neurobiology

  • Neuroplasticity – a Matter of White Matter
    Tim Czopka is observing myelin, the central nervous system’s white matter, in real time as it forms. His goal is to gain a better understanding of the plasticity of the brain.
  • Bionanotechnology

  • Jumping from Postdoc to Professor
    Hendrik Dietz is investigating the design of biomolecules in order to build molecular machines. In this interview, he talks about his career path and about the impact of recent advances.

  • Point of View
    International Cooperation – Building a New Foundation for the Future — Prof. Alice Gast, President of Imperial College London
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  • Full PDF – Gesamte Ausgabe als PDF (21,9 MB)
    Faszination Forschung, Heft 21 (2017/18) / Faszination Forschung, Edition 21 (2017/18)

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