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Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich


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Faszination Forschung Ausgabe 20



  • Editorial
    Digitalization is a key issue of our university’s teaching and research.
  • Automotive Technology

  • Clear View from Afar
    Frank Diermeyer develops systems for teleoperated driving. He believes the technology will be needed to complement the driver assistance systems of autonomous vehicles.
  • Political Data Science

  • Campaign 4.0 – On the Trail of the Elusive Bot ...
    Simon Hegelich, Germany’s first Professor of Political Data Science, investigates how social bots influence opinion-forming in social networks.
  • Mathematics

  • Algorithms Help Control Social Dynamics
    Massimo Fornasier investigates mathematical models to describe social dynamics. His analyses provide strategies to make evacuation processes more efficient as well as insights into the opinion-forming process in large human crowds.
  • Bioinformatics

  • The Secret of Bioinformatics – Classification and Prediction
    Hans-Werner Mewes looks back at nearly four decades of bioinformatics and discusses the prospects of this relatively new discipline.
  • Revealing the Clockwork of Life
    With the aid of artificial intelligence, Burkhard Rost is developing methods to predict how genetic mutations affect the function of proteins. The ultimate goal of his work is more individualized medicine.
  • Augmented Reality

  • Looking Ahead – Into our Real and Virtual Future
    Gudrun Klinker develops virtual and augmented reality technologies with the aim of providing the user with the right information at the right time.
  • Beyond the Limits of our Eyes
    Nassir Navab develops augmented reality systems to make additional information available to surgeons during an operation.
  • Automation and Information Systems

  • Overcoming Communication Barriers
    Self-aware modular components are the key to seamless communication in digital factories, says Birgit Vogel-Heuser.
  • Point of View

  • Point of View
    Help the World Run Better and Improve People’s Lives – Bill McDermott, CEO SAP SE
  • Download

  • Full PDF – Gesamte Ausgabe als PDF (27,2 MB)
    Faszination Forschung, Heft 20 (2017) / Faszination Forschung, Edition 20 (2017)

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