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Peace, Joy and… Pancakes (in prison)? Challenges, Changes and Chances in SDG 16

Wednesday 03.07.2024, 18:00 - 19:30


Hybrid: Lecture Hall N1190 and via Zoom 

Ulrich Weinhold

SDG 16: Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.   What does this mean when we talk about crimes, their victims, the perpetrators and incarceration? What about our “habits and traditions” of “punishing the offender” by taking the conflict away from the victim – and partly from “society” – by simply sending people behind the bars of prison? What can we do to restore justice? And what about sustainability, when up to 70% of prisoners relapse into crime within the first five years of their release? What do we do with national conflicts and their consequences that are often and quickly referred to as “peace”, as in Colombia? Let’s explore together the concepts of: Restorative Justice as a new paradigm for the old problem of “stolen conflict”, the challenges of “peace building” and the gap between personal trauma counseling and public restoration, the role of NGOs in failing states and challenged societies as actors for peace, freedom and sustainability, and the opportunities for students to design, create and produce opportunities for change in an “en detail” example: Rethinking ‘Prison and Corrections’: a new generation of greener, more inclusive and sustainable prisons.

Ulrich Weinhold is a development expert with three decades of professional experience. After studying law in Germany and the USA, he worked as a lawyer at the renowned Bavarian law firm Rödl & Partner. After his appointment in international development work, he worked in development projects in the post-war area of Eastern Congo in the reconstruction of a hospital and in the “Golden Triangle” between Northern Laos, China, and Myanmar in the fight against drug cultivation and trafficking with high-quality silk projects for the tribal community in the mountains. After disaster management in the Asian region following the 2004 tsunami, he took over the management of a Christian organization for relief and development work funded by the “BMZ”, which works in more than 80 countries with around 260 employees, often in “failed states” and in civil war or post-war situations. With his experience in Colombian post-crisis management, he was invited to work at Seehaus e.V., a free-form prison, as a restorative justice agent with a special focus on victims’ rights. He is a certified mediator in criminal matters. In addition, he is an in-house lawyer there and maintains his own law firm for international contracts, supply chains, and organizational development. Recommending lifelong learning himself, he holds master’s degrees from the Catholic University of Freiburg in organizational management and the Bonn HBRS University with a thesis on sustainability measures in supply chains at the Schwarz Group (LIDL, Kaufland, PreZero). He teaches youth law in various institutions and is often invited to speak about justice, healing, and responsibility.

Ringvorlesung Umwelt (Environmental Lecture Series) / Referat für Umwelt


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