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Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich

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Forum Munich Aerospace/Surviving in Space

Thursday 30.11.2023, 17:30 - 19:00


Campus Ottobrunn, Foyer, Lise-Meitner-Str. 9, 85521 Ottobrunn 

Prof. Dr. Gisela Detrell

In order to be able to live in space, we need a life support system that is capable of sustainably providing all the resources necessary for survival: Oxygen, water and food. How is this done today on the International Space Station? Can we use the same technologies for further and longer missions? What is currently being researched and what can we expect for the future? Gisela Detrell is Professor of Human Spaceflight Technology at TUM. Her research area is the development of technologies for astronautical spaceflight, with a focus on life support systems (e.g. the use of microalgae photobioreactors for oxygen and food production for long-duration missions), simulations for astronautical spaceflight and performance in astronautical spaceflight.

Munich Aerospace


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