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Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich

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Redesign your Career with Design Thinking

Friday 03.03.2023, 11:00 - 12:30


Online on Zoom 

Discover how Design Thinking can help you to find your strengths, create ideas for your career and prototype your possible future jobs. There might be multiple ideas popping up in your head while exploring opportunities, pushing you to take the next steps in your job search. The exercises presented in this interactive workshop will allow you to take time for yourself, structure and visualize your thoughts, elaborate your action plan and move forward. Based on the research (self-reflection, peer feedback, self-evaluation) you will find out your weak and strong points and discover the highlights in your career to date. Those insights will be used to generate ideas for your future. This workshop covers the four aspects necessary to design a career that is right for YOU: • Clarity of what you want to do and why (feel clear about the directions you’re choosing and why it’s a good fit) • Confidence in your decisions (no more second-guessing or regret) • Ability to communicate it effectively by validating your idea using simple prototypes (turn your thoughts into something real!) • Co-create new ideas with your peer group (collective intelligence)

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