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Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich

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Road to Success via Proof of Concept Aircraft

Thursday 07.07.2022, 17:30 - 19:00


Campus Garching, MW1801 + online 

Mark Robert Henning – General Manager AutoFlight Europe GmbH

The development process of a new eVTOL – with focus on configuration freeze and the value of full-scale flight testing

The new category of eVTOL (electrical vertical take-off and landing) aircrafts can surely be regarded as a revolution in aeronautics. Macro drivers such as urbanization and therefore increasing traffic congestions and pollution in ever growing Megacities; societal focus on sustainability and the imminent need to reducing CO2 emissions of individual travel, paired with forward-facing regulations and technological developments in electric propulsion solutions and computing, accelerate the development of advanced air mobility aircrafts. Designing and producing an eVTOL is a beautiful challenge! The eVTOL needs to be engineered with lowest weight, highest reliability, and safety, flanked by the need for high efficiency (lift over drag) and stunning flight mechanical factors. Moreover, atypical to the aviation industry, eVTOLs will need to undergo mass production to be able to satisfy the high demand for these aircrafts and to achieve highly competitive cost structures. The presentation shall give insights how a configuration can be frozen from an aircraft conceptual point of view and verified in early stages. Additionally, hands on test experience shall be presented in a lively manner. The event will be rounded up with an open exchange in the plenum. DONNERSTAG, 07. Juli 2022 17:30 – 19:00 Uhr Campus Garching, MW1801 + Online (Zoom) Zoom Link : AutoFlightX Meeting-ID : 684 4906 8489 Passwort : 565633

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