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I want more! Salary Negotiation for Women

Wednesday 01.06.2022, 19:00 - 20:00

To this day women earn lower salaries than men in all European countries, according to the BMFSFJ*. In Germany, the gender wage gap amounts to 18%. Reasons for this are manifold, however there is consensus amongst researchers that women tend to negotiate salaries more rarely and with less confidence. In this webinar, you will learn effective strategies that will help you improve your negotiation results. This will include advice on how to boost your confidence, adapt a focused mindset and how to achieve a win-win situation in any negotiation. This session will be held by Heike Anne Dietzel, career coach, author and owner of the nature retreat “Lichtzeit”. Heike works with professionals in all phases of their career. She follows a holistic approach helping clients uncover the golden thread in their lives and translating it into both personal and professional goals.

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