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Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich


IDCN Munich Webinar

Tuesday 22.02.2022, 10:00 - 11:15


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Urte Thölke SAP

Mindfulness – the unexpected path to success and well-being in job search and in life Target Group: Dual Career Partner / Mobile Employee Partner

Is your day rushing by in autopilot mode or do you look for ways to be more focused and aware, especially in times of change and insecurity? This session shows you the potential of mindfulness, and how it can be a key to a successful job search in Munich. Urte Thölke, Mindfulness Trainer & Mentor at SAP SE, will share insights and practices with you to experience, how mindfulness can enrich your relationships and awareness of your needs and wishes, and how to act on them. Tobias Riasanow will tell you about current job opportunities at SAP. Be curious to get insights into what mindfulness actually stands for. There will also be a networking session with Corporate Partners and other dual career partners to exchange your experiences in integrating into the Munich job market. Only registered partner members will receive the webinar login details.

IDCN Munich

Kathrin Palm, MDCO TUM, munich@idcn.info

Further information available under: http://www.idcn.info/events/munich22.aspx

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