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Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich

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TUM San Francisco Dialogue - Internationalization - a key to entrepreneurial success

Thursday 28.10.2021, 17:30 - 19:00



Prof. Hana Milanov and guests

Traditional wisdom tells entrepreneurs that going international is only for long-established companies with a proven track record. But great ideas don’t respect borders or traditional wisdom.

Join TUM San Francisco and our panel of experts as they confront and wrestle with the issues surrounding the decision to take a startup international:
  •     What factors play into the decision?
  •     When is the right time for a startup to internationalize?
  •     Does a startup need a foreign office or can it work through international partners?
  •     How can a startup access venture capital on an international scale?
Come and hear from those who have already done it, and learn from their success.


  • Prof. Hana Milanov, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Technical University of Munich
  • Maximilian Schmidt, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Kinexon Sports & Media GmbH
  • Max Menke, Founding Partner, GrowthX
  • Thomas J. Richter, Venture Partner, Expert Dojo

Everyone is welcome but this event may be of particular interest to
Anyone with an interest in the international entrepreneurship ecosystem

This event is part of the TUM Global Dialogue Series!
Launched in 2020, the TUM Global Dialogue Series invites the entire TUM community as well as our partners, their students, friends and anyone interested in the dialogue between TUM scientists, their partners and societal stakeholders worldwide. The events will be held online and in English.

More TUM Global Dialogues will take place in November. Please refer to the TUM Global Events website for more details:


TUM San Francisco liaison office

Jeff Ouimet

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