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TUM Global Dialogue: The new frontier of food safety in Industry 4.0

Wednesday 11.11.2020, 09:00 - 10:30



Prof. Michael Rychlik, Prof. Huang Dejian, NUS, Dr. Thorsten Clausing, German Embassy Singapore

With the TUM Global Dialogue event series, the TUM Global Network aims to connect the TUM community with cooperation partners and stakeholders from all over the world, facilitate an interactive global dialogue, and make current research topics available to an interested wider public. Hosted by TUM Asia, this panel discussion will focus on how we can leverage innovations and technology to strengthen the resilience of Singapore’s food supply chain and produce food of our own, even in land-scarce Singapore.

Having to import 90% of its food supply for a population of nearly 6 million, Singapore, a land-scarce island, is subjected to the volatilities of the global food market. In view of the increasing globalization in food supply chains generating much gaps in its food security, Singapore has set its sights on producing 30% of the country's nutritional needs locally by 2030. The research and development in sustainable urban food production, future foods, and food safety and innovation will be key to achieving that goal. (Source: A*STAR and the Singapore Food Agency)

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Further information available under: https://www.international.tum.de/globalevents/#c7747

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