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Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich

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End-to-End security for IoT constrained devices

Monday 05.10.2020, 15:00 - 16:00


live streaming https://future-iot.org/stream/ 

Paul Emmanuel Brun (Airbus, CyberSecurity, Innovation & R&T programs Leader)

The TUM Chair of Network Architectures and Services in cooperation with the French Engineering School IMT Atlantique organises a series of keynotes that will be hold by academic and industrial experts during the event "IoT meets Security" dedicated to graduate, PhD students and junior scientists.

The cooperation is supported by the German-French Academy for the Industry of the Future (GFA) founded by TUM and Institut Mines-Télécom in France. The GFA’s mission is to master the challenges accompanying the growing digitization of industry processes through joint research, education and innovation.

More information: https://summerschool20.future-iot.org

Registration mandatory

TUM Chair of of Network Architectures and Services

Dr. Marc-Oliver Pahl pahl@tum.de

Further information available under: https://summerschool20.future-iot.org

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