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Let´s go circular with the Netherlands

Wednesday 15.07.2020, 19:30 - 21:00


Karl Max von Bauernfeind HS 2750 

Linda Mieden-Appelboom, Helena Bühler

Die Veranstaltung wird nicht in Präsenzform stattfinden, sondern aufgezeichnet und auf www.rivo.fs.tum.de veröffentlicht.

Helena Bühler and Linda Mieden share an overview and examples of the Dutch approach

Helena Bühler, Consultant for Public-Private-Partnerships and Innovation Ecosystems at KplusV (Arnhem, NL)
The Netherlands is one of the most ambitious countries in the global circular movement. By 2050 the country wants to be an entirely circular economy. This goal has promoted a lot of new public-private partnerships in various sectors and has led to the emergence of many promising technologically innovative solutions and business models. During this lecture you will get more insights into this approach by learning about the practical example of Cirkelstad, a multi-stakeholder collaboration in the construction sector that fosters and accelerates the transition towards circular cities.

Linda Mieden, Deputy Consul-General & Head Economic Dept. at the Consulate General of the Netherlands (Munich)
The Netherlands has the ambition to become a fully functioning circular economy by 2050. To do this the government is taking various measures to encourage a social climate that’s open for behavioural change, and creating an ecosystem in which all the necessary social and institutional changes are embraced. But to create an economy that is truly 100% circular, we will need to go beyond national borders, by working together with fellow pioneering partners on a shared mission. We look forward to share our mission in 5 areas: Construction, plastics, consumer goods, manufacturing as well as biomass & food.

So let’s join to turn circular innovations into everyday practice and make the circular shift together!

Referat für Umwelt

Monica Schwärtzel, monica.schwaertzel@fs.tum.de

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