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How CO2 pricing can reduce emissions in Germany and the EU

Wednesday 01.07.2020, 19:30 - 21:00


Karl Max von Bauernfeind HS 2750 

Prof. Dr. Karen Pittel

Die Veranstaltung wird nicht in Präsenzform stattfinden, sondern aufgezeichnet und auf www.rivo.fs.tum.de veröffentlicht.

Prof. Karen Pittel is director of the ifo Center for Energy, Climate, and Resources and professor of economics, esp. energy, climate and exhaustible natural resources at the University of Munich (LMU).

Economists consider CO2 prices as a silver bullet when discussing incentives for reducing CO2 emissions. But why are economists so convinced that CO2 prices are superior to other instruments? And what's the difference between a CO2 tax and emissions trading? The lecture addresses these questions and presents various design options with their advantages and disadvantages. It also explains the options for comprehensive CO2 pricing in Germany and the EU - and why these options have only been used reluctantly so far. The lecture ends with a look at the burden that might arise from CO2-prices and discusses possibilities for reducing them.

Referat für Umwelt

Monica Schwärtzel, monica.schwaertzel@fs.tum.de

Further information available under: http://www.rivo.fs.tum.de

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