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PrepDoc Workshop 3: How to choose a supervisor?

Wednesday 06.05.2020, 17:30 - 19:00


TUM Graduate School, Boltzmannstr. 17, .003 

TUM Graduate Council

How to choose a supervisor? (English)

The relationship between doctoral candidates and supervisors is special in several ways. For many doctoral candidates, their supervisor isn’t merely an employer, but also plays a significant role in introducing them to the scientific and academic world. Due to this important relationship, choosing a supervisor for your doctoral research should be a conscious decision. In this workshop, we will discuss various questions relating to supervision, such as: What are the factors to take into account when considering a scientifically well-respected supervisor? What is the difference between supervision at large chairs and small chairs? How is the supervision agreement implemented into your daily research life? After a short presentation, the workshop will be driven by questions from the participants. Representatives from the TUM Graduate Council will share their experiences and provide first-hand insight into the daily interaction between doctoral candidates and supervisors.

TUM Graduate School

Agnieszka Slota/ Slota@zv.tum.de

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