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 Social Event

Pint of science

Mittwoch 16.05.2018, 18:30 - 21:30


Stragula Bergmannstraße 66, München 80339 

Stefan Stricker, Per Sonne Holm

Have you ever marveled at how all the different cell types in our body are efficiently working together to satisfy our daily needs and how we battle against diseases? Well, you are not alone. Explore with us how a single cell can create our entire body and how cancer forms when it turns awry. Fortunately, we have new allies in our fight against cancer, including viruses. Be surprised! All talks will be in English. PLease buy tickets online by clicking at the provided URL.

How you came to live: Stem cells, epigenetics and the issue forming a body Stefan Stricker (Head of Group Epigenetic Engineering, Helmholtz Zentrum München) It is undeniably one of the greatest findings in biology that (with some very minor exceptions) every cell in the body possesses the whole genetic information needed to generate a complete individual. Today this concept has been so thoroughly assimilated that we struggle to still see how surprising this finding actually was: Our body consists of around 10^13 individual cells and at least 411 cell types, which are genetically identical because they have been derived from one single cell. In my presentation, I will talk about, how genes are turned on and off, and their role in human development. Virotherapy – A new era in cancer treatment Per Sonne Holm (Group Leader Virotherapy, Technical University Munich) Have you ever heard of virotherapy, the art of using viruses to attack cancer? Scientific advances in recent years mean that we may soon be able to use viruses to kill some tumour cells, complementing other cancer treatments such as surgery or chemotherapy. Viruses are a promising treatment because they can communicate with the patient immune system. This interaction helps the immune system recognise cancer cells and triggers it to destroy them. Join me to find out about recent developments in the design and use of this promising therapy!

Pint of science, Munich


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