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Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich

5 WG-Zimmer, möbliert, in München

(Veröffentlicht: 26.03.2018)



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Anzahl Zimmer


140,0 qm




1.000 €
0 €
2.500 €


81929 München, Denning

Weitere Bemerkungen:

10 - 30 qm (Doppel-)-Zimmer in WG in hübschem Stadthaus mit Paradiesgarten

Wir gründen eine WG im zentral gelegenem, hübschen, möbliertem Stadthaus mit großem 1000 m2-Paradiesgarten, mitten in München.

Verfügbar sind:
A: 30 qm Doppelzimmer 1000 € double room
B: 22 qm Einzel-/Doppelzimmer 750 € double/single room
C: 16 qm Einzelzimmer 600 € single room
D: 17 qm Einzelzimmer 750 € double/single
E: 18 qm Einzelzimmer 350 € (Durchgangszimmer, no seperate door)

bauerman00 (at) gmail.com

Strom, Wasser, Heizung, NK, WLAN inclusive. All inclusive except GEZ.

D + E könnten idealerweise zusammen gemietet werden (2-3 Personen).

Vorhanden sind 2 Bäder, 2 Küchen, Esszimmer
Esszimmer 17 m2 (A-E)
Küche 5 m2 (A-C)
Bad EG 6 m2 (A-C)
Küche, 1.OG 5 m2 (D+E)
Bad, 1.OG 6 m2 (D+E)

Very nice and fully equipped town house (140 square-meter) with very nice garden terrace and direct access to the 1000 square-meter garden. Each room has a very nice furniture (bavarian style). Kitchen, bathroom, garden house and cellar are equipped with everything you need in daily life. Dish washer, TV, washing machine, lawn mower, dinner ware to feast up to 12 friends, bed linnen and all others you need. You will enjoy the huge garden in the center of Munich to celebrate with your friends. In the first Floor there is an additional master bed room, living room, kitchen and bathroom. In total 50 sqm. This could be used also as a Little paradise for up to 3 person or the teenage daughter, as play area for your children or as working rooms. Available is a beautiful house and a 1000 square-meter garden. [bauerman00 (at) gmail.com]. You will find a beautiful 4-room-suite (95 sqm) and a 2-room-suite (app. 50 sqm) in the second floor. You could rent the complete house or each room seperately. It also fits perfectly to host up to 6 students. Available are rooms from 16 to 30 square meters, starting at 600 Euro per month (all inclusive except of GEZ).

The rooms are available till 01.01.2019 (minimum 1 month). There is an optionn to extend your stay for additional 3 month. [bauerman00 (a) gmail . com]



 Hermine Heche


0151 1475 4547



Accommodation support team

Student Service Center (SSZ)
Service Desk (room 0140 )
Arcisstraße 21
80333 München
Tel.: +49 89 289 22687