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Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich

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Looking for a room :)!

01.04.2022, Classified Housing Advertisements

 My name is Nataly Corilla, I am from Peru and I am studying my master's degree at Tum, (Management and Technology). During the last months, I have started my studies taking online courses due to visa delays in my country and now I am here in Munich, looking for a place to stay to continue my studies. 
 About me, I am from a city 6 hours from the capital of Peru. Since I am 18 years old, my passion to learn about different cultures made me start my world adventure, working in USA for 4 months, having many international coworkers, then during my university studies I got a scholarship to do one year abroad in South Korea, which was an amazing experience,  those opportunities give me the chance to live with people from different parts of the world. Also, as one of the things that I love is social work,  coming back to my country, I have been part of many international social organizations where we use to promote exchange in students or give support to children in vulnerable situations and help small entrepreneurs. 
  I speak English, Spanish, a little bit of  Quechua ( the language of the Inca Empire), and Korean, now I am learning German. I love music,  yoga, going for a walk, hiking, nature, and some adventure sports, I consider myself an animal lover, but I don’t think I will have any pet during my stay in Germany. However, if there are any pets in the house I will love it.  I don’t consider myself a party girl but a Radler or wine with good conversation will always be on my agenda.  I also looking for a good environment in the flat, so if we have time we can do some activities together however I also understand if someone wants to have more privacy. About cleaning I always keep the places where I am clean and also the ones that we share. 
 I am very happy to be here, achieving one of my dreams, and ready to know more about the German culture! 
 If you know any place that you can suit with me please  just write me here, my budget is max 350 € (warm) hope to hear from you soon

Kontakt: dnatalycorilla@gmail.com/+491772748863