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Technical University of Munich

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Scientist at FMR2 looking a 3-4-Zimmer-Wohnung

05.05.2020, Classified Housing Advertisements

Dear landlords, my name is Jose Manuel Gomez Guzman and I'm a Spanish scientist working at the FRM2 in the campus Garching. I'm in the searching of a 3-4 Zimmer flat for my 5-member-family: mama, three young kids and me. The renting would be of long term (3-4 years or even longer, depending on the size of the flat). We do not need it to be furnished but it must have a EBK. Ideally it will be well connected to the campus Garching by subway, but we have already lived in different neighborhoods in Munich and so this is not mandatory. Some words about us: we are a young Spanish couple (42 and 43 years old) with three small kids (5, 3 and 1 years old). The two oldest kids are attending the Kindergarten and the baby girl will start the Kinderkrippe in September this year. I'm researcher at the FRM2 in the campus Garching and before I was working as a postdoc in the Chair E68 of the Physics Department of TUM, also in the campus Garching. My wife is a Music teacher in a primary school but right now she is in leave of absence taking care of the kids. You can contact me in my email addressees: jose.gomez@ph.tum.de; jose.gomez@frm2.tum.de We are looking forward from hearing from you!!! Best regards, Family Gomez Paez.

Kontakt: https://www.ph.tum.de/about/people/vcard/124473FD42E80728/