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Diplomarbeiten, Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten

Sie suchen gerade eine Diplomarbeit, ein Thema für eine Bachelor oder Master Thesis? Dann sind Sie hier richtig. In diesem Bereich sind Abschlussarbeiten aus allen Fakultäten zu finden.
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Wenn Sie selbst eine Diplomarbeit ausschreiben wollen, lesen Sie bitte vorher unbedingt das 'Best Practice Manual Stellenanzeigen'.

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Masterarbeit: Holzartenbestimmung mit Hilfe von Deep Learning

Zur Überwachung des internationalen Holzhandels und Bekämpfung des illegalen Einschlags werden routinemäßig Holzartenbestimmungen durchgeführt. Zur Unterstützung der durchführenden Behörden und Institute werden verstärkt deep learning Anwendungen zur Erkennung von Holzarten entwickelt und erprobt. Wenn Du Interesse an der Bearbeitung eines anwendungsnahen und interdisziplinären Themas hast, freuen wir uns über deine Nachricht.
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Kontakt: risse@hfm.tum.de

Mechanical design of a poly-articulated prosthetic hand

The design of prosthetic limbs has been aimed at reducing the overall weight of the prostheses and mimicking the aesthetics and functions of the lost body parts. Among commercially-available upper-limb prostheses, the two most often used solutions are simple hook-style grippers, and poly-articulated hands, which are closer to biological limbs with a higher number of articulations. Poly-articulated hands afford a wide range of grasp and manipulation types, but require the dexterous control using signals from residual muscles.
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Kontakt: nhcr-applications@mailnavab.informatik.tu-muenchen.de

Master Thesis: Virtual Reality for Neurorehabilitation

Despite the advancement of modern bionic hands, current commercial devices still present limited acceptance and percentage of daily use. Main reasons for rejection are related to poor functionality and control intuitiveness. In this project, we want to investigate the effect of novel advanced control techniques in the sense of embodiment.
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Kontakt: nhcr-applications@mailnavab.informatik.tu-muenchen.de

Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten im Bereich Molekulare Onkologie zu vergeben

Die Forschungsgruppe „Translational DNA damage modification“ sucht aktiv KandidatInnen für Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten zu den Themen Molekulare Onkologie, translationale Chemotherapie und DNA-Schadensmodifikation. The research group of „Translational DNA damage modification” is actively looking for Bachelor and Master students with a life science background to conduct thesis work on the topics of molecular oncology, translational chemotherapy and DNA damage modification.
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Kontakt: yizhu.li@tum.de

[Research Internship / Semester Thesis] Mastering the Game of Skat using Decision Transformers

Official thesis proposal

In the past years, AI researchers achieved super-human performance in many classical games such as chess, shogi, and Go. But to this day, these techniques struggle in imperfect information games, e.g. poker, where the player does not know the entire state of the game at hand. One recently published method that could prove as a promising approach for such imperfect information games is the decision transformer (DT). DTs are based on attention mechanisms and are therefore able to learn the relation between states in long sequences of moves. One of the games, where this is of special importance is the game of Skat, since in every move, the player must consider all previously played moves. We therefore propose to investigate the application of DTs in mastering the game of Skat.

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Kontakt: jakob.thumm@tum.de

Master thesis: Graph-based Prediction of Driver Behavior

In this thesis we aim to develop a GNN-based behavior prediction module using information from applying traffic rules. By representing the surrounding environment in a graph-structured fashion, we hope to achieve better generalization abilities than what can be achieved through a hand-engineered feature vector. Intuitively, given how interaction effects between vehicles can be thought of as propagating across the given traffic scene, graphs are well-suited data structures for our problem domain. We use traffic rules formalized in temporal logic as in previous works [3], [4]. The formalization allows one to rigorously evaluate traffic rule compliance of each traffic participant. The thesis builds up on previous works in the area and will partly enhance our implementation of traffic rule evaluation.
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Kontakt: eivind.meyer@tum.de

Untersuchungen mit selbstschmierenden Getriebesystemen ohne externes Schmierstoffvolumen

Ein Getriebe ohne externe Schmierstoffzufuhr ist der Wunschtraum vieler Antriebsentwickler. Durch die Abwesenheit eines größeren externen Schmierstoffvolumens wird eine Steigerung der Ressourcen- und Energieeffizienz bei gleichzeitiger konstruktiver Vereinfachung in einer Vielzahl von Anwendungen angestrebt. An der FZG werden hierzu experimentelle Untersuchungen mit selbstschmierenden, schmierstoffgetränkten Sintermetallwälzpaarungen durchgeführt.
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Kontakt: nicolai.sprogies@tum.de

Extraction and evaluation of motor units recruited for hand movements

Some robotic arms and hands allow for dexterous manipulation beyond the possibilities of volitional control available with current human–machine interfaces. A novel approach is the inclusion and evaluation of motor units, that present direct information from neural inputs in motion.
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Kontakt: nhcr-applications@mailnavab.informatik.tu-muenchen.de

Bachelor’s or Master’s theses in Machine Learning and Bioinformatics

As we offer diverse topics in different fields and with different levels of prior knowledge, feel free to contact us in case you are highly motivated in conducting state-of-the-art research in our lab.
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Kontakt: Anna Fischer, ge32mic@mytum.de

Myoelectric control using spatio-temporal warping for feature extraction

Surface EMG (sEMG) signals are gaining traction to control upper-limb prosthesis. However, efficient signal processing to control prosthesis is still an open research question. In this project, the focus is to study spatio-temporal parameters of sEMG in real-time and efficacy in commercially available myoelectric controlled prosthesis.
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Kontakt: amartya.ganguly@tum.de

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