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Diplomarbeiten, Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten

Sie suchen gerade eine Diplomarbeit, ein Thema für eine Bachelor oder Master Thesis? Dann sind Sie hier richtig. In diesem Bereich sind Abschlussarbeiten aus allen Fakultäten zu finden.
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Wenn Sie selbst eine Diplomarbeit ausschreiben wollen, lesen Sie bitte vorher unbedingt das 'Best Practice Manual Stellenanzeigen'.

Künstliche Intelligenz für das Remanufacturing

Beurteilung einer hybriden Prozesskette für das Remanufacturing bestehend aus additiven und subtraktiven Verfahren mithilfe von Methoden der künstlichen Intelligenz
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Kontakt: lucas.hille@aperion-analytics.de

Masterarbeit: Digitaler Zwilling eines Fahrzeugs in STAR CCM+ zur thermischen CFD Analyse

Optimierung eines CFD-Simulations-Modells in STAR CCM+ zur thermischen Bewertung hochautomatisierte Fahrzeuginnenräume
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Kontakt: manuel.kipp@tum.de

Master Thesis: Three Topics about Data Analysis in Urban Mobility

Chair of Cartography and Visual Analytics is providing three M.Sc. thesis topics surrounding data analysis in urban mobility.
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Kontakt: khan.liu@tum.de

Master Thesis: Detection of Activities of Daily Living (ADL) via Smart Meter Data

The develop a pattern recognition algorithm to detect typical ADLs such as meal preparation and personal hygiene.
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Kontakt: christoph.hoechsmann@tum.de

Master Thesis: Validation of algorithms for detection of eating events based on continuous glucose monitoring data

To apply published continuous glucose monitoring data-based algorithms for meal detection to existing datasets.
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Kontakt: christoph.hoechsmann@tum.de

Master theses in Molecular Oncology

The research group of „Translational DNA damage modification” is actively looking for Master students with a life science background to conduct thesis work on the topics of molecular oncology, translational chemotherapy and DNA damage modification.
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Kontakt: yizhu.li@tum.de

Masterarbeit: Lean, OpEx, Ergonomics - Literaturreview

Ziel der MA ist es ein systematisches Literatur Review zu den Schlagwörtern: Ergonomie (produktionsbezogen), Lean (-Production, Management, Operational Mgmt, etc) und Operational Excellence (OpEx) durchzuführen. Inbesondere soll daraus das Wechselspiel der 3 Disziplinen beleuchtet werden und ggfalls. Abhängigkeiten identifiziert werden.
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Kontakt: st.brunner@tum.de Stefan Brunner (LfE)

Master thesis in immunology

In this Master thesis the candidate will have the opportunity to explore the destiny of passenger immune cells after solid organ transplantation in humans. Where do T cell go after they have moved their host within the transplanted organ? Do they stay or die in the transplanted organ or can they exit and distribute their immunological memory to other body locations within the new host? How do this passenger immune cells contribute to organ rejection? If you are interested in exploring novel concepts of transplantation tolerance with human tissues, this master thesis will be exciting for you.
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Kontakt: Christina.zielinski@leibniz-hki.de

Master’s Thesis: Setup for Robotic Sound Field Audiometry

The Experimental Audiology Lab (exalab) is looking for a motivated individual for a master's thesis in the field of Mechatronics, Robotics or a related study program to work on the development of an innovative robotic system for clinical hearing tests.

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Kontakt: wilhelm.wimmer@tum.de

Bachelor's Thesis - Imaging Positronium by Coincident Gamma Detection

Positronium (Ps) is the bound state of an electron and its antiparticle, the positron. It can be emitted from the surface of a solid sample when bombarded with slow positrons. Due to its simplicity, Ps is used in many investigations of fundamental physics including QED and matter/antimatter symmetry. These applications require a large number of Ps atoms with a controllable kinetic energy. Achieving this remains an active field of research. This project will investigate the energy distribution of Ps emitted from different sample surfaces. Pixelated scintillation detectors will be used to image the annihilation radiation from Ps as it travels away from the sample surface in vacuum. Since the lifetime of Ps in vacuum is know (142 ns) the Ps velocity distribution can be calculated. The work will include the design of a new, heated sample holder and surrounding vacuum components and measurements using a pair of pixelated scintillation detectors. The project is carried out within the TUM research group Physics with Positrons.
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Kontakt: daniel.russell@frm2.tum.de

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