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Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich


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Faszination Forschung Ausgabe 14



  • Editorial
    Scientific progress knows no boundaries – and it speaks English, even here in Germany and at our university. As English is the lingua franca of science, “Faszination Forschung” will be published only English from now on. We will not be translating the articles into German so we have even more space to bring you hot-off-the-press news from the world of research.
  • Titelgeschichten / Cover stories

  • A Look Inside the Black Box
    Anatoliy Senyshyn uses neutrons to take a closer look at processes taking place inside batteries. He is looking for ways to improve today’s battery concepts.
  • Research and technology

  • “Our job is to supply information for a more sustainable future.”
    Christian Große develops new methods for nondestructive testing in search of hidden damage. His aim is to improve the quality of structures, industrial processes and everyday objects
  • Heart Tissue from Stem Cells
    Karl-Ludwig Laugwitz and Alessandra Moretti explain how they produce cardiac muscle cells from patient-specific stem cells in order to investigate the mechanisms behind genetic heart diseases and to develop novel treatments
  • Dangerous Mistaken Identity
    Chaperone binds protein responsible for Alzheimer’s disease
  • Tracing Unique Cells with Mathematics
    Statistical methods improve single-cell analysis
  • The Wonders of Nanowires on Silicon
    Jonathan Finley’s research team was the first to produce nanoscale lasers on a silicon substrate that emit light at technologically useful wavelengths. The technology might open up a way to future optical computers
  • Connecting the World
    Manfred Broy develops theoretical models to support the design of highly complex software architectures for cyber-physical systems – the technology behind the Internet of Things
  • Toward Perfect Control of Light Waves
    Scientists develop a detector to measure the waveform of pulsed laser radiation
  • Guiding Algae to Do Delicate Construction Work
    Cordt Zollfrank uses light to guide the growth of algae. He wants to produce finest 3-D structures to be used as templates for functional ceramics
  • Standpunkt / Point of view

  • Point of View: Dr. Klaus Engel
    Defining Integration for the 21st Century
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  • Gesamte Ausgabe als PDF (40 MB)
    Faszination Forschung, Heft 14 (2014)

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