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Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich

How to use the RoomFinder

RoomFinder allows you to link documents, either internal or external to the portal, to a room layout or to search for rooms in the portal.
Not all rooms are currently digitalized and available in RoomFinder. Please contact your school if your rooms are missing, because the colleges must participate in the creation of the map material.

Incorporating RoomFinder into your own documents

If you want to refer to RoomFinder in a portal document, such as a news article, schedule or job posting, you can do this through a link to:


For example:

<a href="/displayRoomMap?0815@0501">0815</a>

If you want to refer to a room map from outside the portal, please use the complete path:


Integrating RoomFinder into a website

Nearly every RoomFinder feature can be used in your website and incorporated into your application. All of the RoomFinder open source methods are publicly available and can be used without restrictions.
The API for the XML RPC interface is available on the RoomFinder Server.

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