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Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich


RoomFinder allows to you search for a room and display the corresponding overview and layout plans.
The majority of the TUM rooms are available in RoomFinder. If the rooms for your department are missing, please contact your school since the colleges are responsible for the costs associated with capturing the data.

TUM room numbering system

  • Each room on the TUM campus is assigned a so-called SAP room code, such as 0103.01.302 (building, floor, room). In this case the room number is 302. You can then limit the RoomFinder search to the building (0103).
  • In addition, each room has a so-called architect number, such as 1302. This number is automatically augmented with the building number - 1302@0103 - making it a unique room number as well. 

Additional RoomFinder tips

  • Instead of searching by room and building number, you can also utilize a search term or so-called alias, such as Audimax. However, the search result will not be restricted to only one room. In this case, RoomFinder will display a selection of differently-scaled rooms.
  • If you are unable to locate a suitable room, try the room search function in TUMonline. It's possible that the room in question does not yet have a digital layout for the RoomFinder database.
  • You can integrate the RoomFinder layout plans in your own documents and websites

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